Leader/Contact Linda Davis
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Location Casa Claudia, Xalo - Upstairs
Day/Time Monday 10am
How Often Fortnightly

Jewellery Making

Jewellery Making

According to demand , I hope to hold these sessions every two weeks.

The plan is to start with the basic method of beading I.e. stretchy bracelets, with future classes progressing to earrings, pendants, necklaces and eventually working with jewellery wire etc.

We will supply all materials, mainly working with semi-precious stones. We also supply the tools required.

The cost will be 5 euros per class and covers the cost of materials used for your first sample at each session.

The aim is for this to be a fun and social event.

You can do as much or as little as you want.

I will tell you more about ourselves when we meet.

This is also a fun way to make bespoke presents for family and friends.

These classes are not just for the ladies, my husband will be helping me and is also very good at jewellery making.

This skill also helps to keep our hands supple and flexible.

Hope to see you soon

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