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Benidorm Palace - Alegrias

Night Out At The Palace

On Friday 18th January, some 37 happy members of the Vall del Pop U3A made their way to Benidorm where we were to stay the night at the splendid Palm Beach Hotel.

After our evening meal in the hotel we made our way to Benidorm Palace. The show was called “Alegrias” and was promoted as ‘a show that would transport you to the excitement of a Las Vegas Casino, the colours and cheerfulness of Bollywood and the vibrant merriment of a Tropical feather finale’, we were not disappointed.

We were treated to fabulous dancers doing many dance styles, in wonderful costumes. The show featured juggling acts, singers, dancers, balancing acts and David Climent the fantastic illusionist who made people disappear, and reappear somewhere else at an amazing speed. It was a perfect evening.

After a leisurely breakfast the next day we had time for shopping and relaxation with the obligatory coffee and a chat. After a good lunch served at the hotel, we said our goodbyes and promised to repeat this trip next year.

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