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La Zenia Shopping Trip

Christmas Shopping Trip

The big decision to make is whether to shop early for Christmas, and so miss the crowds, but risk your wife/family forgetting that you bought her/their Christmas present in November!! So having decided on shopping early, on Wednesday 29th November a coach full of U3A members travelled from Jalon to La Zenia, Torrevieja, shopping centre. For my annual shopping trip La Zenia was perfect, a collection of all the necessary shops in an open-air setting rather than the closed controlled environment of most shopping malls. On a beautiful sunny morning the carols were already playing when we arrived, but people were queuing to buy ice cream – strange, as a Brit ice cream/sunshine does not seem appropriate with Christmas.

But first – coffee, and then a circuit of the shopping complex to see what shops are here – and there are very many. For me, a non-shopper, several strange/new names, flying tiger/Encuento/Santos Ochoa, and some with the letters written backwards, such as Desigual – what is the world coming to!

So we dive in and start searching for that amazing gift that hopefully the recipient will enjoy and make good use of. By the second lap, on the basis you need to see everything before you buy anything, finally we start to identify what we should be getting. Many of our fellow U3A members are already carrying shopping bags of goodies – what are we doing wrong! After a couple of hours of searching my stamina is dropping when I hear the magic words – lunch. The complex has a wide assortment of different restaurants, from tapas to burgers, but we settle on Argentinian – meat meat and more meat with a little salad and a welcome beer.

Suitably replete and rested we are off again for the final two hours of action shopping before we head home. This time I found an interesting book shop and I was lured into Primark to get my new winter gardening clothes – my wife knows how to keep me motivated!! We round the visit off with a Starbuck’s coffee before the team photo and the coach ride back to Jalon. By the number of bags stored in the baggage compartment of the coach we had all had a successful day’s shopping.

Our thanks to Carol who had organised this trip as her first event as a new TCET member. Well done – where are we going next?

For me my shopping is over for another year – it’s a tough life!!

Written by Peter Sockett
Photos from U3A

Xmas Shopping 1

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