Leader/Contact Krystyna Rogers
Contact Details Movil / Whatsapp 67 170 1624 / 25
Location New Gymnasium, Jalon
Day/Time Friday 11am
How Often Weekly

Tai Chi with Krystyna


  • payment of €5 monthly on the first lesson of each month in advance to cover expenses -
  • wear loose and comfortable clothing and bring sturdy socks or pliable shoes -


Krystyna has been teaching Tai Chi, based on ancient Chinese martial art, for many years but has recently updated the style taught to a shorter form which requires less floor space and lends itself better to practise at home.

Tai Chi is considered suitable for almost everybody regardless of age and physical ability. It is a gentle, fluid and graceful exercise form proven to be powerfully effective in relaxing and strengthening both the body and mind.

We start with Relaxation followed by Chi Kung , a recognised “warm-up“ and practice exercise routine which, whilst beneficial in its own right, also incorporates many of the techniques vital to Tai Chi. Then comes the new Short Form Tai Chi – the backbone and main focus of the class

The movements (shabashi) are relaxed and harmonious - creating a “self-help therapy“ with no side effects (except a few aches and pains initially!).

This form is demanding in every sense - physically and mentally - and yet is suited to students with mobility problems and ideal for practice " at home "


Diligent practice of Tai Chi will improve mental relaxation, the ability to concentrate and balance and coordination. Physical health will also be improved through strengthening the body’s systems - for example, it is medically acknowledged as beneficial in diabetic, digestive, hypertensive, cardio-vascular, respiratory and muscular-skeletal disorders including such problems as Parkinsons and related diseases, arthritis, fibromyalgia, stress and heart disease.

Regular practice of Chi Kung followed by Tai Chi, on the beach, in the park or even at home, will maximise general well-being and strengthen natural defences against ill-health.

With Krystyna, it’s great fun too!

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