Leader/Contact Paul and Jan Leniston
Contact Details Telephone... 651 633 198
Location Jalon Valley and surrounding area
Day/Time Monday start at 10:00am
How Often Weekly

Walking - Monday Ramblers

Monday Ramblers

3Jan and I have lived in Parcent since 2006. We choose the Jalon Valley because it is well known as a popular walking area.


We formed this group to meet and make friends with others who enjoy exploring the excellent hill, valley and coastal walks.



We offer a different day walk each week. Most walks start within half an hour drive of Jalon, and last for 5-6 hours. The pace is moderate and anyone who is reasonably fit should be able to manage them with ease. We have a half hour picnic stop, plus three or four water stops. We always allow plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and take photographs.




Any member is welcome to join our walks. Each walk is restricted to 16 members, and priority given to regular walkers.

We publish a blog of each walk with a written description and photographs. This will give you a very good idea of what the walks are like. You can find it here https://leniston2021.blogspot.com


If you would like to join this small and friendly group, or would like more information, please contact us using the form below


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*** Please be aware that you take part in any of our activities AT YOUR OWN RISK ***