Leader/Contact Heidi Morgan
Contact Details
Location Alternates weekly between Restaurante Riu Rau in Jalón
and virtually over WhatsApp
Day/Time Friday ... 3:30pm
How Often

Meet each week - one week in person, next week virtually

Spanish Conversation

Do you find you don’t have much opportunity to practise all that Spanish you have learnt? Do you prefer casual conversation to a more formal class environment? Are you a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between?
If you have some grasp of the grammar, verbs and vocabulary but now want to use it conversationally, why not come along on Friday afternoons to our small group? We are all English speakers who want to help and encourage each other in a friendly environment with no pressure! We do not have a teacher.

On one Friday we meet from 15.30h to 17.00h at Restaurante RiuRau in Jalón over drinks. The next week we chat for an hour from home via text from 15.30h to 16.30h over WhatsApp.  Now that the Covid restrictions are lifting, there is no obligation to join in the virtual conversations. Our meetings start  with some friendly chat and then we usually have a discussion around a pre-arranged topic, explore the uses of a featured verb, or play a game. We may continue the conversation during the rest of the week over WhatsApp with friendly banter and exchange of information, such as changes in local laws and restrictions.  As a treat, we will have a nice lunch together in a Spanish restaurant.

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