Message From The President

Dear Members,

 What a great start after the summer recess. We had over 100 members attend the recent General Assembly, and welcomed 11 new members. The assembly was very entertaining with the Pick and Mix Group playing a number of popular songs and we have invited them to return at a later date.

The summer was for some of us a real testing time, with the high temperatures and especially the humidity. Do hope that you managed to cope. Just received out electricity bill...ahh.

Well, now we are getting back to normal and you need to check when your groups are starting if you haven't already done so. Over the summer we had the good news of two new groups, so like I have said,check the website.

I would now like to welcome our new newsletter editor, Linda Burns. Who I am sure is waiting to receive all your news. Linda introduced herself to the members at the General Assembly and was also able to turn her hand to helping out the Goodwill Team on their Pre Loved Stall.

At the General Assembly I gave the news to everyone that from March at the AGM, both Sandra and myself will be stepping down from our roles of President and Secretary. Now this gives a great opportunity for new blood to take over with new ideas and develop the association. Of course both of us will be there to support anyone to make the transition easy, and still be active members. We certainly want the association to progress and develop, so please get in touch and I´ll answer any questions. I'm sure my phone and email box will be red hot. Seriously, we can't continue without a President, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Bob.
September 2023

*** Please be aware that you take part in any of our activities AT YOUR OWN RISK ***