Other Policies

Minutes of General Meetings and Committee Meetings

The minutes of the U3A Vall del Pop shall be compiled by the Secretary and sent by electronic media to all members.

Committee meeting minutes can be obtained from the Secretary on written request.


Membership and Membership Renewal

The minimum age required for Membership of the U3A Vall del Pop is 25 years.

Members of the U3A Vall del Pop shall renew their membership subscription by the 31st March each year. Members shall be considered as having left the U3A Vall del Pop, if, except due to exceptional circumstance, the subscription has not been renewed by the 1st April.



The Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget for the U3A Vall del Pop. The budget statement shall be presented to the President and the Committee.

Following approval by the committee, The Treasure shall present the budget statement to the Members of the U3A Vall del Pop at a general meeting.

The Treasurer shall post the approved budget statement on the U3A Vall del Pop website.


Communications with Members

The U3A Vall del Pop has a message system, based on MailChimp, which is used to send information to all members, at the email address they provided on joining. These messages include the Agenda and Minutes for General Meetings; the Travel, Culture and Entertainment Team Bulletins and information on the monthly Newsletter. In addition, there are messages concerning the organisation of the Annual General Meeting every March, and occasional miscellaneous information; the total is approximately six per month.

In order to make sure that they receive this information, it is important for members to notify the Membership Secretary if they change their email address.



The Newsletter is published every month, except July and August.
The deadline for submissions is the Monday following the General
Meeting, and publication usually Friday the same week.

We like to encourage our members to contribute and full information is on our Newsletter Front Page and is updated regularly.


Travel, Culture and Entertainment

All information relating to the TCET Team can be found under the tab at the top of the website.

*** Please be aware that you take part in any of our activities AT YOUR OWN RISK ***