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Christmas Shopping Trip

La Zenia Shopping Trip

The big decision to make is whether to shop early for Christmas, and so miss the crowds, but risk your wife/family forgetting that you bought her/their Christmas present in November!! So having decided on shopping early, on Wednesday 29th November a coach full of U3A members travelled from Jalon to La Zenia, Torrevieja, shopping centre. For my annual shopping trip La Zenia was perfect, a collection of all the necessary shops in an open-air setting rather than the closed controlled environment of most shopping malls. On a beautiful sunny morning the carols were already playing when we arrived, but people were queuing to buy ice cream – strange, as a Brit ice cream/sunshine does not seem appropriate with Christmas.

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Fun..tastic Evening at Benidorm Palace

ELO tribute at Benidorm Palace

On Sunday 19th November a coach full of U3A members travelled from Jalon to Benidorm Palace, to watch the ELO tribute concert. The tribute band members live in different places in UK, including Manchester, Bristol, Essex, & Scotland, and perform regularly also in Europe. There was a full house at Benidorm Palace, with all the tickets sold, for their one-night ELO Tribute show and the audience was ready for a night of music from the 80’s.

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Zaragoza Visit

Zaragoza Trip

A group from the Vall del Pop U3A has just returned from a great trip to Zaragoza, capital of Aragon, the 4th largest city in Spain. Like many of us, we have passed it on our way to and from northern Spain but following our visit we would recommend a stay in this very vibrant and interesting city.

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Sagunto and Coves de Sant Josep

Colourful Cave

On the 18th May, forty-seven members were ready and raring to go at the appointed hour and in what seemed like no time at all, piling off the coach to explore Sagunto and its castle.

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Cordoba & Seville Trip

Cordoba Cathedral interior

39 members of the U3A Vall del Pop left Xalo promptly at 10am, for Cordoba on Tuesday, May 9th. Salvador, from Viajes MCO, Pego, accompanied us all the way, and of course, our DeniBus coach driver, Antonio, was in charge so the rest of us chatted, relaxed and took in the changes of scenery as our journey progressed. We arrived in Cordoba to the Hotel Cordoba Center, for the early evening and we were soon comfortably in our allocated rooms. The next decision was where to eat, thankfully, there were bars and restaurants close by.

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