Group News

Monday Ramblers Summer Walks

Our normal walking programme is from October to May, and we take a break during the hotter summer months. However last year we offered a shorter summer walk each week during June and September. They proved popular and we are doing the same again this year.

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Stretch Class Donation

Stretch Class

Jacintha held a stretching session at El Cid on the Monday before Christmas.

She raised €160 which she donated to the Goodwill Team.

These funds will be presented to nominated charities later in the year.

Walking Off The Lockdown Stiffness

Isbert Dam Walk

Both the Monday Ramblers and Thursday Explorers closed down at the start of the coronavirus lockdown in March. In September they started weekly summer walks, three-hour low-level walks starting at 0900 and ending at a suitable bar before the hottest part of the day. They were offered to both of Paul & Jan’s groups, and they got sufficient support to keep them going all month.

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*** Please be aware that you take part in any of our activities AT YOUR OWN RISK ***