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Being a new group, we have yet to establish our knowledge and skills, and so we are finding our way to initially observe the skies about twice a month, and learn as we go along.

We will be identifying the constellations, stars, comets, planets and moons of the planets and hoping to see meteor showers, the international space station and other nightly objects e.g.iridium flares and noctilucent clouds.

Observing evenings and times vary due to weather, the orbit of the planet earth and our moon and also the march of the seasons.

In time we hope to have, occasionally, a guest speaker and a day trip or two to places of interest so that we can expand our minds in areas of cosmology, the latest physics and astrophysics, planetary science and history. And much, much more. The sky is not the limit!

No equipment is needed, though binoculars may be useful. A telescope would be most welcome.

All U3A members are welcome. You can be included on our WhatsApp link for updates.

For more information and dates, contact the Group Leader

*** Please be aware that you take part in any of our activities AT YOUR OWN RISK ***