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David Shute - News Reporter - Speaker on 10th January

Our first speaker of 2019 was David Shute, who is now retired and living in Calpe, who came to share with us some of the highlights of his career as a News Reporter with the BBC. David was born in Essex but managed to develop, what in the 1950/60s was known as perfect BBC English – as he explained clear pronunciation was what the BBC required, even if it was delivered with a regional dialect.

After some time as a journalist on a weekly newspaper in Reading David was lucky enough to be appointed to follow David Dimbleby (universally known as David Dimpleknees) in the BBC based in Bristol. David said at that time the BBC insisted on professionalism but wanted their teams to have fun, and for correspondents to address their story on a one to one basis with each listener, giving the facts in a clear and simple way. Oh, for such clarity at the start of the Brexit saga!!

David identified an early opportunity in outside broadcasting, which was then in its infancy, and long before auto-cue had become standard practice. He is credited with making the first live broadcast from a plane breaking the speed barrier, and played us a recording of his live commentary from a glider doing stunts, yes, a glider – no engine, doing stunts at an air show.

A fascinating talk ended all to soon for an enthralled audience of U3A members.

Many thanks David from us all.
Peter Sockett

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