General News

Lively General Assembly

On Thursday 7th February the U3A Vall del Pop members attended a lively general assembly at the Centre Polivalent in Murla. Before the meeting started the room was buzzing with members renewing their membership, booking trips with the TCET, discussing group activity options and enjoying coffee and cakes, arranged by the Goodwill Charity Team and their volunteer cake makers {more next week - hopefully}.


General AssemblyThe busy pre-meeting period saw 23 new members signed up, and although we may not be the biggest group in the area, with 35 active groups and a regular agenda of trip options we are one of the most active groups.

The formal part of the meeting was closed by Elaine Horton, MBE and President of Jalon Valley Help, who gave some clarity on the UK resident’s health position after Brexit, whichever type of Brexit happens. Once the UK leaves the EU the Euro Health Card will no longer be valid, so if you are relying on this you need to act now to secure private health cover or a Spanish SIP card. For those members who are legally resident, and have already secured a Spanish SIP health card by presenting a UK S1 Form, the Spanish government are saying their health care will be unaffected. So please ensure you are legally registered as a resident in Spain and try not to worry what is in the newspapers by checking the official UK government websites.
After the formal business the members were entertained with a riveting talk from Jana Petken, a successful author who has been living in Denia for some many many years {more next week - hopefully}.

Why not come along and join the fun, meet new friends, learn new skills and re-start your “promised” exercise regime, from keep-fit through Tai-chi and padel into ballroom and line dancing. You are never too old or too unfit – give it a try, it is fun – so I am told!!!!!

*** Please be aware that you take part in any of our activities AT YOUR OWN RISK ***