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Halloween Bingo and Quiz Evening

Halloween Bingo and Quiz Evening

What do you know about Halloween?

Well, not a lot really when it came to answering Quiz questions. The questions tested our knowledge on the origins and traditions of this now much celebrated event. Even our small villages have celebrations, lights and door decorations. I think maybe even more than Christmas.

Members arrived at a decorated Pepe's restaurant with vampire blood, spiders and spiders webs setting the mood. A double take was needed on many occasions to recognise who was under the makeup and hair. Well done those members who really entered into the spirit. The costume competition was won by Marian White with Sue Stevenson coming second.

After a meal, we all settled down to answer some thought-provoking questions. Did we really know a lot about Halloween?

Where did it start? Would you believe it started in Ireland...well I never knew that.

Why do we have witches with hooked noses and horrible warts. Well, this characterisation  started with the film, The Wizard of Oz, bet you thought it was Sleeping Beauty.

The  table questions were all related to Horror Films - which I really hadn't enjoyed, having always run behind the settee when anything on TV scared me.

The evening finished with a game of Bingo, with great prizes, which was really enjoyed by everyone.

A big thank you to Liz Miller and Pepe's for a fun evening, which raised 186€ for the GOODWILL Team’s charity fund.

U3A Hallowen 2

U3A Hallowen 3

Written by Sandra Welham
Photos from U3A

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