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New Dancing Group

So, the new year is with us and its time for us to start planning and getting ready for the challenges this will bring, whether we want them or not [Brexit]! So why not join a group, meet new people and experience new challenges.

Duncan and Patricia Thompson are starting a new dancing group in the New Year which is called Chance to Dance. The group is designed for people who want to dance ballroom and Latin with Paso Doble but without sequence dancing. The idea is to allow people who want to spend more time doing these dances to have time to do so. It takes place on a Friday evening 17.00 until 1900 in the multiusos in Alcalali.

The Tuesday Dance Group, where the basics are perfected, will continue as at the present time. Members don’t have to be proficient in these dances, but they will have the opportunity to practise them with Duncan and Patricia to help and demonstrate, as and when necessary.

Why not go along and talk to Duncan and Patricia to decide where you should start. But don´t delay the new year is the time for action not resolutions.

The Vall del Pop Dancing Group completed their autumn semester with a Christmas celebration at the Hotel Katul in Albir, for a dinner dance, where they had the opportunity to put into practice the dances perfected in those many weeks of practice whilst enjoying an excellent dinner and wines.

Patricia and Duncan thanked all the dancers for making their Tuesday mornings so enjoyable. Classes resumed on Tuesday 8th January 2019, so why not go along and join them?

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