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Goodwill Team Distribute Charity Funds

The U3A Vall del Pop Goodwill Team raised more than €6,000 through their events, which in December they decided would be distributed to seven local charities. This year, rather than donating cash to the charity’s overall funding pot, the Team thought it would be better to donate something specific which they urgently needed so that all our members who have so generously contributed throughout the year would be able to see specific benefits for each selected charity.

So, following our December meeting, the Team have contacted each charity to determine a specific and affordable need and then they went shopping. Each charity they have met has been overwhelmed by your kindness and support and they have stressed how invaluable the goods and payments are to them.

The Team are looking forward our AGM on Thursday 2nd March when the representative of most of the charities will be in attendanvce so that they can say a few words about how much your generosity means to them. In the meantime here is the result of the distribution and a few photos.

Jalon Valley Arc chose cat food and money to pay off their account at Bernia vets. Sally and Matt Mason sent their heartfelt thanks.

Caring for Cats also chose cat food and vet payment, so Christine and I emptied the Mercadona shelves to fill two trolleys with the favourite cat food! They were over the moon and sent their thanks.

PAWS Xalo dog rescue purchased raised dogs’ beds, to keep the dogs off the cold kennel floor, warm coats and harnesses and still have some money left to spend. They sent their thanks to you all.

The Children's Home in Benissa chose to purchase vouchers for the ten children in their care, whose ages range from 4-16, to spend on clothes, trainers, sports equipment etc. When we meet the lady-in-charge the children didn't then know what they were to be given. We were assured they would be very excited, as was the lady herself at your generosity

The Alzheimer's Day Centre are still to decide what they would like. So watch this space.

Jalon Valley Help chose to pay for Yoga classes for JVH members. So representatives from the Goodwill Team will be popping along to a session to see it in action.

Finally, we delivered a boot full of goodies to the Bomberos based in Castel de Castells as a thank you from you all for the heroic efforts in fighting the forest fires last summer. To say they were delighted as they unloaded cases of wine, beer, brandy, soft drinks, biscuits, olives, crisps and cakes is an understatement. They were incredibly grateful and amazed by your generosity. We in turn thanked them for their incredible bravery and professionalism.
It makes those of us who are part of the Goodwill Team very proud and very humble to be part of such a caring and generous group of people and we thank you for supporting us in our fund raising endeavours. This makes it all worthwhile.

Article by Paula Heffron

Photos by U3A Goodwill Team

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