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December Hill Walking

We managed seven walks during November, and had to cancel one due to heavy rain.

Fortunately we had good weather for our Granadella walk. This is our favourite coastal walk, and includes a visit to an abandoned fort, a spectacular mirador plus a very special beach.

We were also lucky for our Olta walk, which included a visit to the summit.  And we didn’t even need an extra layer for our picnic lunch on the top.

Serella castle from Castel de Castells is another favourite. It involves some serious uphill paths, but is well worth it for the views from the castle.

Cocoll from Benichembla is another long climb, but again well worth it when you reach the runway used for firefighting with the extensive views. And at least it is all downhill back to the bar.

You will find more photographs on this link, and also a link to videos of each walk

*** Please be aware that you take part in any of our activities AT YOUR OWN RISK ***