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New Once-A-Month Coffee/Tea Mornings

Caring & Sharing

The Sharing and Caring Team (formerly Almoner’s) are planning a “Once-a-Month” coffee/tea morning on the second Friday of each month. The venue is the Memory Lane Café in Jalon/Xalo, the first one is planned for the 13th September and we’ll be there from 11.00a.m. – 1.00pm. For the price of 3 euros, a drink and a piece of cake will be included. (The café is almost next to the Xabia Bike Shop next door to the new car park with the sails for shade).

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Egyptology Group Survives the Collapse of the New Kingdom

David Rohl

David led us through the last in the series of his excellent talks and he will be going ‘back to basics’ in the autumn. The collapse of the New Kingdom was caused by a whole series of events — famine, climate change and earthquakes which brought about the demise of other civilisations, Mycenaean Greece, the Hittite empire and the Babylonians. The Trojan War didn’t help, and Egypt was ‘invaded’ by a large number of people from across land and sea, which were known as the Sea Peoples. As they brought their wives and children with them, it was more a migration from their own lands than an actual invasion. This was followed by civil unrest in Thebes, with the tomb workers going on strike - the first ever recorded in history!

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Egyptology Premier Full House

On Monday 4th March a full house at the Jalon Town Hall was enthralled by the European Premiere of the Tim Mahoney’s Film – Patterns of Evidence: Exodus. The film, which was shown to millions in the USA on
Its US Premiere on a single night in February 2016.

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New Group Leader for Walking Group Urgently Needed

The Wednesday Wanderers are not operating at present and, when they can restart, will be looking for a new Group Leader.. If you would like to volunteer please get in touch with Alan Cuthbert"

Groups Co-ordinator

If you cannot find the group you are looking for, please contact us, and we will see if there are others with similar interests so that we can set up a new group for you.

Teresa Tillbrook, Group Co-ordinator

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Wine Tasting at Parcent Bodega

Wine Tasting

On Wednesday 23rd January 18 members of the U3A Vall del Pop Wine Tasting group braved another cold and windy night to attend a wine tasting at the family-run Parcent bodega. The bodega was started in 2002 by Armando and Nuria Moras, brother and sister, where they focus on producing quality rather than quantity by selecting and hand picking their grapes at the optimum point of maturity.

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