Next General Assembly - Thursday 3rd September 2020 - Centre Polivalent, Murla - More Information

Dear Members,
Due to uncertain times regarding the Coronavirus, the decision has been made to postpone all TCET events and trips until the situation is resolved .

Those members wishing to renew their membership may do so online, but an extension period will also be granted until the situation is clarified and we resume normal activity.

The next General Assembly will be in September

All group activities are cancelled until FURTHER NOTICE.

Newsletters will continue and we would encourage you to submit your contributions to

Please follow the guidelines been given by the health authorities and help everyone to stay safe and healthy.
Bob Welham.

General News

Register On The Padron

A plea from Parcent's deputy mayor to ALL EXPATS to ensure that they are registered on the padron of their local Town Hall and that they have also applied for voting rights.

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Cycling Across The US & Europe

The blue hair was startling - more of that later! Sheila began her talk by explaining what prompted her to clock up more than 20,000 miles on a bicycle saddle! She was office bound in Scotland, but did some work related travelling around the UK. One day, on the M6 motorway, she noticed a man crossing a bridge. With a rucksack on his back and his head in the air, enjoying total freedom. Sheila realised how trapped she felt, and determined to do something about it. A touring bike proved to be the answer.

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*** Please be aware that you take part in any of our activities AT YOUR OWN RISK ***